Vacuum Lifters


Movomech AB develops and produces aluminum guide rail systems and vacuum lifters. With its headquarters and production centre located in Kristianstad (Sweden), Movomech has 20 years of experience in the sector.

Vacuum lifters



Easyhand is a vacuum lifter that uses the vacuum to lift loads in a simple and easy way.

Easyhand stands out for its compact desing and his maneuverability with one hand. This makes the handling completely intuitive for the operator, making the Easyhand an extension of his own arm.

The main features of the EasyHand vacuum lifter are:

  • Maximum load capacity: 35 kg (light loads).
  • Handle designed for handling simetrically with right or left hand.
  • Intuitive control: up/down with no pushbuttons.
  • Pushbutton for quick load deposit.
  • Unlimited rotation horizontal shaft.
  • Maximum vertical displacement: 1.720 mm.
  • Quick change of lifting gripping heads.
  • Different types of lifting gripping heads available.
  • Installation in overhead crane and rigid or articulated arm.




Vachuhand is a vacuum lifter that uses the vacuum to lift loads in a simple and easy way. It is possible to handle all type of loads, as plastic or carboard boxes, bags, drums, etc.

To contol the Vacuhand there are ergonomically designed handles for each job. The up and down movement is controlled via a simple throttle, which integrates ergonomics, accuracy and safety.

In addition, Vacuhand can be completed with many different standard accessories that will make handling easy and fast.