Take-up Winders


In 1893 the Leeson family founded the Universal Winding Company. Through hard work, dedication and continuous investment in new innovative winding processes, Universal quickly became the technological leader in the manufacture of winding machinery for the cotton and synthetic yarn markets. In 1959, Universal Winding Company changed its name to Leesona Corporation. Leesona continued as the predominant supplier to the cotton spun yarn market until the late 1970’s. To capitalize on its expertise in adapting winding equipment for the slit and melt extruded filament yarns, Leesona shifted its product and market focus toward the synthetic fiber industry in 1982.

Today, Leesona serves the global textile market with particular emphasis in the technical textile industry. To meet the demands of the technical textile industry, Leesona designs and manufactures four categories of equipment that effectively handle any synthetic fiber: Winders, Re-winders, Take-Ups and Winders for flanged spools and parallel winding. All equipment can be configured and manufactured to meet customer needs and industry specific applications including modern digital technology.

A world of experience

Always on the cutting edge of precision winding technology for both primary and secondary processing, Leesona has become one of the largest textile machinery manufacturers in the United States. The company’s database of wind combinations serves as the initial step in the design of appropriate equipment for the application. Customer package build needs are addressed by Leesona’s ability to engineer equipment which accurately varies and controls fiber tension, pressure, wind angle and winding speed.

Leesona provides solutions for the following materials and industries:

  • Aramids
  • Acetate filament
  • Acrylic filament and carbon fiber precursor
  • BCF manufacturing and rewinding
  • Carbon fiber
  • Glass fiber manufacturing and processing
  • Coated yarns
  • Composite fibers and materials
  • Filter Winding
  • Hollow fiber
  • Low catenary rewinding with high tenacity or high modulus fibers
  • Slit film and monofilament manufacturing
  • High density package winding
  • Medical Textiles

Product range

  • Bobinado para hilos técnicos
  • Bobinadores para hilos recubiertos
  • Bobinadores y re-bobinadores
  • Sistemas de desenrollado
  • Bobinadores Take-up
  • Carretes y bobinado en paralelo
  • Bobinadores de catenaria reducida
  • Bobinadores para laboratorio
  • Bobinadores de Gran Capacidad
  • Equipos Leesona opcionales.